DNL Canada is a leading manufacturer of custom, private label nutritional products.  Our development and processing capabilities offer varied options for products designed to meet the specialized needs of those wanting general health and wellness. 


Our technical staff will work with you to improve current formulas or help you develop your own private label line of nutritional products.  DNL Canada works confidentially with customers around the world to produce a diverse collection of nutritional products.


From development, manufacturing and testing to packaging; DNL Canada has the experience to provide a solution for your retail product launch.


DNL Canada uses a market-directed, low-cost, low-risk R&D strategy where new products are developed using known, Health Canada approved, nutraceutical ingredients supported by published, peer-reviewed clinical studies for efficacy and safety.  This strategy substantially reduces cost, risk and time-to-market because DNL Canada does not have to perform its own human clinical studies.


Since products are developed using Health Canada approved ingredients, approval of DNL Canada’s formulations by Health Canada is highly probable (98%).  


DNL Canada Formula Development Service

Call: 613-979-8795

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