Fulfillment, also known as order fulfillment or product fulfillment and in E-Commerce business it's Fulfillment Center, is a process whereby DNL Canada fulfills an obligation to send a person an item or product the person has ordered, purchased, or requested from your company. Fulfillment typically refers to services provided by DNL Canada that offers to store, receive the orders, package, and ship the ordered item to end consumers.


Outsourcing to DNL Canada order fulfillment has many advantages.  Firstly, order fulfilment is never the primary function of any business.  By outsourcing this secondary function to DNL Canada, time is better spent on the primary functions of the business, such as sales, marketing, buying, and innovation.  


There are also financial advantages. The costs of setting up a warehouse, staffing, managing, securing, and developing technology solutions can be countless. Outsourcing reduces the need for this investment.  Economies of scale can also be achieved in couriers.  An outsourcer will likely be able to achieve lower rates with couriers than one business can on its own.


For younger products in infantile stages of development, the producer may not have adequate storage facilities or the funds to build them. Fulfillment companies typically have warehouse space. Companies that warehouse their own inventory have additional expenses, such as staff and utilities.  DNL Canada distributes this expense through storage fees to multiple clients. This usually results in a storage fee that is less than an individual company would pay to do it in-house.


DNL Canada Fulfillment and Storage

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