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The condition of a dogs coat is a reflection of its overall good health:

Giving your dog a fish oil supplement (Omega K9), rich in essential fatty acids, will ensure good health or maintain it well into the dog’s senior years.  Essential fatty acids are important to canines for developing strong muscles and joints, protecting the liver, eye development and producing a healthy shiny coat with less shedding. Dogs deficient in essential fatty acids will often have digestive problems along with a poor coat of fur. In extreme cases a lack of the essential fatty acids can cause heart and degenerative eye diseases, along with less serious allergies.


The degree to which arthritis in dogs can develop is to some extent dependant on the breed and the age. Canine supplements containing glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM (JOINT K9) – can help repair damage to dog’s cartilages and keep the synovial fluid abundant and lubricating the joint.  Injuries to joints can also be healed much quicker with JOINT K9. As your dog gets older it may well be a good idea to view using an anti-arthritis supplement as a preventative measure, rather than trying to affect a cure after the onset of arthritis.


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