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Your respiratory system is made up of the organs in your body that help you to breathe. The goal of breathing is to deliver oxygen to the body and to take away carbon dioxide.



 The lungs are the main organs of the respiratory system. In the lungs oxygen is taken into the body and carbon dioxide is breathed out.


The red blood cells are responsible for picking up the oxygen in the lungs and carrying the oxygen to all the body cells that need it. The red blood cells drop off the oxygen to the body cells, then pick up the carbon dioxide which is a waste gas product produced by our cells. The red blood cells transport the carbon dioxide back to the lungs and we breathe it out when we exhale.



   The trachea is sometimes called the windpipe. The trachea filters the air we breathe and branches into the bronchi.  The bronchi are two air tubes that branch off of the trachea and carry air directly into the lungs.  The diaphragm is the main muscle used in breathing.


Lungs, Mouth, Sinus, Trachea, Bronchi, Diaphram

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